Easy Money

Easy Money

How many runs to the grocery store do you make a week? Or make purchases on Amazon? An easy way to help raise money for Vines PTSA is something we all do weekly! All you have to do is link your grocery cards and Amazon Smile to Vines High School…it really is that easy! Business owners can also link their accounts for their purchases. So simple to help raise money!

Amazon Smile

Vines PTSA will receive a donation of 0.5% of all eligible sales made through our Amazon Smile account…all you have to do is link your account to the Vines PTSA charity! It’s easy! Instead of logging into Amazon.com, log into your account on smile.amazon.com. Choose “PTA Texas Congress 11414 Vines High School PTA” as the charity you would like to support. Every time you shop at smile.amazon.com, you will support Vines PTSA.

Tom Thumb Good Neighbor Program

Tom Thumb’s Good Neighbor program links your Reward Card to Vines High School. Stop by the Customer Service desk and pick up a registration form. Vines number is 6127. This cannot be done online.

Kroger Community Rewards

Kroger’s Community Rewards program links your Kroger Plus card to Vines High School. To link your Kroger Plus card, visit Kroger. Click “Edit Kroger Community Rewards” and enter Vines number: ?????. NOTE: You must go online to link your Kroger Plus card to Vines High School and it must be done every year. Yes, every year! This cannot be done in store.